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Refer other businesses: 

Spread the message around to other businesses you love. The sooner we get them set up, the sooner they’ll start earning. There’s no better way to tell them you care!
What’s your favorite local restaurant? Retail shop? Service provider? Make sure the businesses close to your heart  — and even the ones a little further away — know what we’re offering. The quicker we set them up with the program, the quicker customers like you will be able to support them. So get moving! 

Spread to friends and family:

Don’t just tell the businesses you know — tell the people you know, too. Odds are, they have a few favorite local businesses of their own that would love a piece of the action. We’re all in this together, so let’s give supporting local everything we’ve got! 
The best way to help your community out? Spreading this program’s message! The more people you tell, the more local businesses you’ll help. Make a difference now!

Share on social: 

Want to go a step further? Share this program on your social media! Make sure the people in your community know just what we’re offering. The more people you reach, the more businesses we’ll help — so what are you waiting for?
Sharing news about our fundraising program on social media isn’t just about spreading awareness. It’s about affecting change. When you take part, you’re directly impacting your community — so go on, show them your love!

Kitschy tagline: Design a t-shirt, sell it online, then let your customers’ love for you shine. 

For use on community fundraiser store:

These t-shirts were designed for you — so you can give back to the businesses that make up your community. Show your local businesses how much they mean to you now! Buy a t-shirt, help your community. It’s that simple.
Once you’ve made your purchase, share it with your friends, your family, and your followers. Encourage them to visit the store, to make a purchase of their own. In times like this, we’re stronger together. And we’re always stronger when we’re supporting local.